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Automate to humanise your resource planning

Your most valuable resource is your healthcare team. Unlock their full potential with our artificial-intelligence solution. aspaara® MatchingCore® effortlessly suggests the best matches between your talent and work opportunities, removing tedious, time-consuming planning tasks.
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Talent satisfaction

Up to 90% of the workforce receive their preferred shifts. A fair and equal distribution of working days is guaranteed, meaning a happier team.


Up to 89% completely automated planning. Truly objective and unbiased, leading to improved healthcare journeys for patients.

Winner of the Rotthaus Klinik Award 2022 for "efficient healthcare management."

Award winning
Saved planning time

More than 50% of planning
time saved, so your managers can spend more time leading their team.

Human-centricity and flexibility in your workforce planning

MatchingCore's in-depth data analysis makes precise demand forecasts of your daily operations and the automated shift planning accurately meets demand predictions. This means the right people are in the right place at the right time for your patients, improving patient care and safety.

Demand forecasting
Resource Planning AI-Copilot with demand forecasting
Dynamic planning

Quickly identify over- and under-coverage, and spot misalignments early.
Our intelligent planning algorithm suggests an alternative plan, covering all work opportunities within seconds.

Nina Kuse
healthcare professional vaccination centre
"The biggest advantage that aspaara has for me is the flexibility. I can decide at short notice what my availability is for the next period and how much I actually want to come. If something changes before the deadline, I don't have to consult the planning team every time and I can be sure that I will still be scheduled correctly."
Resource Planning AI-Copilot to increase talent engagement
The AI-Copilot MatchingCore finds the best matches.

How does it work?

Our matching algorithms analyse over 100 million possibilities per hour, so you can benefit from increased productivity and boost the satisfaction of your team and patients while reducing costs.

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