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Leading company in the Swiss car dealership sector

Efficient workshop planning

aspaara's AI-powered solution revolutionizes order prioritization and workflows for body & paint team leaders at a leading Swiss car dealership. This innovative solution improves internal communication and increases efficiency in the body and paint department.
"aspaara shows the "truth" of capacity utilization in the workshop."

Marcus Tiem
Head of Body & Paint in BU Basel


Thanks to its broad portfolio of car brands, the company is already an established market leader in the national car dealership sector. The company enjoys an exceptional reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality vehicles. This is also reflected in its busy body and paint departments, whose full order books present various challenges. There should be no delays in meeting completion deadlines - so it is all the more important to prioritize orders correctly within the workshops and avoid inefficient workflows.  

"MatchingCore® helps me to prioritize the vehicles. I can see at any time which employee is working on which job and for how long. The software gives me a good overview of which vehicles have to be ready on which day."

Stefan Peters

Teamlead Body & Paint

Dynamic Planning

Thanks to dynamic planning functions, MatchingCore® provides team leaders with a quick overview of whether and when orders will be completed on time. The transparent display makes it possible to see directly which process step each order is in. This facilitates internal communication and collaboration within the workshop. By automatically prioritizing orders according to effort, completion date and employee qualifications, the overall efficiency of the workshop can be increased, work processes optimized and resource utilization sustainably improved. 

"MatchingCore® helps me to plan the vehicles and makes it much easier for me to plan and keep track of where vehicles are currently located and how long it will take for a vehicle to be completed. I can see how busy I am in the body and paint division and at the same time I have an overview of which vehicles will be delivered and when. This helps the customer service advisor and also the workshop manager." 

Bart Kröger

Teamlead Body & Paint

What's next?

By the end of 2024, all 41 workshops throughout Switzerland will digitize their body and paint process with MatchingCore.  

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