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Will resource planning with AI work for me?

What reduction in unnecessary travel times, increase productivity and employee satisfaction can I expect? Test the MatchingCore against your current model and see for yourself. Compare the results to an already published schedule or use the Fast-Track to create your next schedule.
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Exploration Workshop: Human Resource Planning with Artificial Intelligence

The world is becoming increasingly dynamic. On one hand, employees desire work flexibility and fulfilling tasks to suit their personal preferences. On the other hand, companies need to cater to a fluctuating demand on resources with a forever-changing labour supply. This workshop is tailored to your company's needs, which we define together in advance. We then assemble a bespoke team of experts based on your individual requirements.

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Dynamic planning procedures

 How can you, as a leader, apply dynamic planning procedures in your organisation to match demand with supply?

Efficient personnel planning

 What is an optimal, efficient personnel planning strategy for your organisation?

Artificial intelligence

Can an algorithmic planning engine optimise and improve personnel deployment with the help of artificial intelligence?


Learn how to maximise your organisation’s potential

 In this exploration workshop, we will evaluate the potential opportunities in your organisation. Our experts will thoroughly analyse possible uses of algorithmic optimisation solutions with you. We want to reduce unnecessary travel time, and increase productivity and employee satisfaction together!

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