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Professional Services:
Aspaara® MatchingCore®

Staffing is a rather complex business because of a variety of constraints. Aspaara's resource matching engine MatchingCore® satisfies customized scheduling criteria while adapting to your very specific situations.

Upgrade your planning team with an artificial intelligence co-pilot. Precise predictive decisions enable you to automate processes, reduce failure rates, and increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Aircraft Ground Handling:
Aspaara® GroundCloud®

Aspaara makes accurate demand forecasts by utilizing a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand becomes an easy job for aircraft ground handling companies.

Aspaara® GroundCloud® uncovered how to save over 5% of wrongly allocated wage costs while increasing process reliability for customer airlines.

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Plan with the Future:
Exploration Workshop

Today's world becomes increasingly dynamic. Employees desire work flexibility and ask for purposeful activities, while you as a company leader need to meet fluctuating resource demand with changing labor supply at every point in time.

What is an optimal and efficient personnel planning strategy for your organization? Can an algorithmic planning engine optimize and improve personnel deployment with the help of Artificial Intelligence?

In this workshop we will evaluate the opportunities for your organization.

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