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Big 4 Professional Services firm

Master the challenging resource planning with aspaara!

By using MatchingCore®, the company increases the number of allocated hours in its annual planning. The software enables the company to define more flexible criteria in order to plan more efficiently and effortlessly with a larger number of KPIs. 


more allocated hours


of time conflicts resolved

Demanding resource planning

An ongoing shortage of skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges facing the company. A highly competitive and contested labor market is the direct consequence of this. Effective resource planning becomes increasingly complex for the company, particularly at the level of key senior associates. Qualified employees place correspondingly high demands on their employer, especially when it comes to effective and successful planning of assignments and working hours.

As tools such as TalentLink only offer static planning and therefore inadequate solutions, the company would like to set priorities and resolve time conflicts with the help of aspaara's software support.

"I think it's great that we have more options in staffing with aspaara. Thanks to the labeling function, we can create and add labels ourselves and take more criteria into account in our staffing."

Anika Esterson

Head of Workforce Planning

Flexibility through prioritization

By using MatchingCore®, the company has already achieved a 10% increase in their allocated hours - that's approximately 14,700 additional hours allocated! These additional hours have enabled the company to more successfully utilize their employees and resolve time conflicts that previously occurred regularly during resource shortages.  

Of particular value to the company is the increase in allocated hours and the prioritization of tasks assigned to senior associates. How exactly does this work? Senior Associate tasks are prioritized thanks to MatchingCore® labeling. If no Senior Associates are available, the software automatically uses Associates from the two lower levels for tasks. This flexible approach means that "open hours" for senior associates can be reduced from 18.5% to 3.5%. The result is a noticeable increase in the quality and efficiency of project processes.

"In future, we want to give employees the opportunity to express their preferences and wishes and take these into account in the planning process."

Anika Esterson

Head of Workforce Planning

What's next

As part of this project, the company plans to incorporate employee preferences even more strongly into resource planning in order to take greater account of individual needs and preferences and thus improve the diversification of the teams. In this way, the company aims to remain an attractive employer in the future.

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