Aspaara Groundcloud

Aspaara makes accurate demand forecasts by utilising a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand becomes an easy job for aircraft ground handling companies.

Aspaara uncovered how to save over 5% of wrongly allocated wage costs while increasing process reliability for customer airlines.

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Aspaara DataAnalytics

Better understanding of users, markets and exposure to financial risks. Aspaara uncovers hidden potential in complex online and offline environments.

Through sophisticated analyses, accurate predictions, and optimizations, we help you to make your business a success. Consulting, implementing, and training integrate these processes into your business permanently.

Aspaara MatchingCore

Staffing is a rather complex business because of a variety of constraints. Aspaara's resource matching engine satisfies customized scheduling criteria while adapting to your very specific situations.

From your company's data we derive objective insights that you need to make faster and more appropriate decisions. With help of software driven solutions, we identify the most influential factors that drive your business. Precise predictive decisions enable you to automate processes, reducing failure rates while increasing efficiency.

Aspaara Workshop

How to successfully implement digital optimization strategies? Which untapped potentials are there in my organization and how can I use them with flexible and tailor-made solutions?

By utilizing innovative techniques such as predictive modelling and machine learning, we uncover the hidden potential in your company. If you want to gain deeper insights into your enterprise please register for our one-day workshop on digital optimization strategies.