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Webinar: Learn how to optimize your workforce planning with AI

Dates: Thursday 24. February @ 5pm  (GMT+8)
Friday 4.March @ 5pm  (GMT+8)
How can AI help your planning team further optimize your workforce planning?

As resource planning becomes more and more complex the tools you use become vital in properly planning for today and tomorrows every changing environment. Leveraging AI can help you adapt faster, be more effective, and efficient in the schedules you publish. In today's webinar learn how workforce Planning teams are changing the way they plan with AI.

Planning with AI has helped them:

  • Automate the planning by up to 90%

  • Quickly and efficiently allocate new-joiner

  • Match the correct talent with the correct work opportunities

  • Realize 15 additional full-time equivalents for every 500 talents

  • Reduce conflicts and increase productivity by up to 15%

  • Improve talent scheduling satisfaction by up to 89% (ø80%)


Do you think your team planning and allocation cannot be improved? We bet we will find major improvements in your manually optimized workforce data snapshot, we have not lost a challenge so far.


Dr. Alexander Grimm

CEO, Co-Founder,

aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG


Dr. Kevin Zemmer

CTO, Co-Founder,

aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG


Armaan Sami

Solutions Consultant,

aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG

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