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Swiss artificial intelligence enterprise

Combining artificial intelligence and passion, we improve personnel planning and scheduling processes, making working lives more fulfilling and efficient.
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We are growing

We are an agile and diverse team. As a fast-growing enterprise, we are always looking for new talent.

We love a challenge

We set ourselves high standards. While we use state-of-the art technical methods, we also continually focus on the unique demands of each and every client.

We care for the planet

Our technology production is 100% climate-neutral. We love what we do as much as we love the planet.

We have AI in our DNA

We are a Zurich-based artificial intelligence enterprise founded in 2015. As an official University of Zurich startup, we conduct research with ETH Zurich and ZHAW in the innovation cluster of Artificial and Networked Intelligence. This is financially co-supported by the Federal Government of Switzerland to promote science-based innovation in the interest of business and society.

The Founders

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Dr. Alexander Grimm

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Kevin Zemmer

CTO, Co-Founder


Our Story

A passion for running and team spirit brought us together. Now we work in sprints to create high-performance teams.

The Team

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