Automotive repair

Eliminate bottlenecks in your operations

Stay ahead with a smooth workflow for higher profits and happier talents. aspaara® MatchingCore® gives your planning team a clear site-specific analysis of where and when your maintenance and repair talent is needed and detects bottlenecks in advance.
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Site-specific forecasting

 Workshop-specific mapping of different variants in the maintenance and repair cycle.

Bottleneck detection

 The always-up-to-date talent utilisation display quickly identifies bottlenecks anywhere. Every 30 seconds (+ on request) the situation is re-evaluated for each workshop and simulated with all runs.

Process enhancement

 To be able to respond to changes effectively, each workshop receives 5,000+ automatically changed plans per week.

Precise forecasts of increased demand

MatchingCore's in-depth data analysis makes precise demand forecasts of your daily repair and maintenance operations, and the automated shift planning accurately meets your demand predictions. You can trust that the right people are in the right place at the right time for your clients' vehicles.

Demand forecasting
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Strategic planning

 Quickly identify over- and under-coverage, and spot misalignments early.
Our intelligent planning algorithm suggests an alternative plan, covering all work opportunities within seconds.

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How does it work?

 Our matching algorithms analyse over 100 million possibilities per hour, so you can benefit from increased productivity and boost the satisfaction of your talent and clients while reducing costs.

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