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We have joined forces with the planning teams of PwC Switzerland AG, Airline Assistance Switzerland AG and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to achieve greatness. Client success is our success.
PwC Switzerland AG

Conception, implementation and deployment of aspaara® MatchingCore® for internal resource-planning operations for all 14 offices of PwC Switzerland. While respecting all kinds of optimisation criteria, MatchingCore® saves thousands of travel hours each year.

Claudia Höllenreiner, Senior Manager PwC

"We process thousands of staffing decisions every year at PwC. Now, aspaara® MatchingCore® supports us, for example, in processing new-joiner portfolios properly. This relieves me and my team substantially.”
Airline Assistance Switzerland AG

Conception, implementation and deployment of aspaara® GroundCloud® for all air- and land-side operations of Airline Assistance Switzerland AG at Zurich Airport. aspaara uncovered how to save over 5% of wrongly allocated wage costs while increasing process reliability for customer airlines.

Sebastian Wolf, COO
Airline Assistance Switzerland AG, Zurich Airport

"Only 4% of all flights are on time. All others are either too early or too late – mixing up our static planning entirely. Aspaara GroundCloud® makes accurate demand forecasts utilizing a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand became an easy job."
Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) want to kick off a new era: optimising their train schedules using an algorithm. The aim: satisfied travellers and an optimally utilised rail network. SBB launched an international competition, in which around 400 international IT expert teams participated. aspaara came second and ended up working with SBB to co-develop a solution.

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