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Leading company in the Swiss car dealership sector

Innovation in scheduling and customer service with aspaara

By implementing the MatchingCore® software, the Central Claims Team of a leading Swiss car dealer achieves new efficiency in scheduling and increases its service quality.
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"With aspaara, we have a clear and transparent overview of how busy all workshops currently are and can therefore schedule repair appointments more quickly."

Leon Alto
Head of  Central Claims & Billing 


The Central Claims Customer Service department is responsible for receiving claims requests and coordinating repair appointments at the company's various workshops. Making appointments with customers and internal communication with the numerous workshops is time-consuming and complex. The planning of realistic repair appointments is made even more difficult by the lack of a standardized overview of the capacity utilization of the workshops. Individual deadlines cannot be met; minor dissatisfactions and planning difficulties arise time and again, and the Central Claims team has to provide additional support.

"With MatchingCore®, we have a clear appointment schedule and, above all, we always know how busy the companies are." 

Ronald Arkis

Customer Service Central Claims 

Transparent order management

By using MatchingCore®, the company can track the entire process of workshop orders transparently. The software makes it possible to monitor all steps of the repair process and ensure that no orders are overlooked or forgotten. Repair appointments can now be scheduled in workshops that have free capacity, significantly increasing the likelihood of deadlines being met. In this case, innovative information technology means, above all, transparency and a subsequent reduction in operational processes, which is what makes flawless customer service possible in the first place.

"By using MatchingCore®, we see significant time savings when scheduling appointments compared to other tools." 

Marius Mann

Kundenberater Central Claims

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