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Leading company in the Swiss automotive dealership sector

The most transparent workshop planning with aspaara 

MatchingCore®, the AI-powered software solution from aspaara, is revolutionizing order prioritization and workflows for the service managers of a leading Swiss car dealership. 
"Planning with MatchingCore® is brilliant. I can rely on the appointments being kept." 

Philip Heinz

Head of Customer Service


Thanks to its broad portfolio of car brands, the company is recognized as an established market leader in the national car dealership market. The company enjoys an exceptional reputation for excellent customer service and high quality vehicles. This fact is also reflected in busy workshops, whose full order books bring their own challenges. One of these is meeting deadlines. Service advisors need up-to-date overviews of their workshop's workload and capacity, otherwise customer appointments cannot be kept.

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"MatchingCore® is quick and easy to use. Orders where the damage needs to be recalculated can be adjusted directly and rescheduled." 

Adrian Peters

Serviceberater K&L

Efficient planning for the most transparent workshop  

The use of MatchingCore® provides an up-to-date and dynamic capacity overview, which helps the service advisor to efficiently schedule new orders depending on the workload in the workshop. In the event of last-minute order changes, MatchingCore® provides an indication of whether the completion date can be met or not. This enables the service advisor to better assess which orders can be prioritized at short notice and which appointments need to be rescheduled with the customer. This system enables a realistic picture of the workshop to be displayed digitally and customers to be serviced on time. 

"MatchingCore® is very useful for sequence planning. You can see the capacity utilization of the workshop at a glance." 

Olaf Siemsen
Head of Customer Service

What's next?

By the end of 2024, all 41 workshops throughout Switzerland will digitize their bodywork and painting process with MatchingCore®.  

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