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Big 4 Professional Services firm

Fair distribution of work for New Joiners

MatchingCore® is successfully employed to help manage the complex workload distribution for the incoming staff at the Nordics office of a big 4 Professional Services firm.  

Successful work under pressure?

One of the primary challenges the company faces, is ensuring the satisfaction of their employees and being able to retain their best talent in highly competitive job markets. Another critical issue related to it: maintaining a fair allocation of workloads, which the company deems essential for fostering effective teamwork. This means balancing the use of diverse skill sets within teams and ensuring workloads are distributed equitably among team members. 


This is why the firm has turned to aspaara in order to help optimize their audit and planning for the coming fiscal year.  

Emma _edited.jpg
"We want to optimize the way we staff our resources. Basically, we aim to balance workloads, match competence with projects, and explore various solutions to create synergies among different portfolios. Our end goal is larger than our current comprehension." 

Emily Gutman

Senior Associate

Finding a strategic and balanced approach 

The company launched a pilot, in which one hundred new joiners were able to take part and share their preferences. The main objective for the use of MatchingCore®, was to optimize staff-allocation practices: ensuring an equal distribution of client-bookings among newly incoming talent. Another goal was the equal distribution of high workloads, especially during their “busy-season”, whilst carefully matching the competences of the incoming talent with the right projects.  

During the pilot-phase, the firm's Resource-management team was able to gain valuable insight into the process of balancing workload distribution and conflict resolution. Aiming for completely conflict-free staff allocation turned out to be impractical. Instead, controlled conflict hours could sometimes lead to fairer allocation practices overall. In short, with the help of MatchingCore®, they were able to fully acknowledge different approaches of managing resources effectively in their high-demand environment. These valuable insights will be utilized in order to advocate for strategic shifts in future approaches.  

Arne Hong_edited_edited.jpg
“That's something that we learned as well, that maybe to some extent it's better to have a little bit of conflict and have it more even than having no conflict and facing staffing issues later. It is not possible to be completely conflict-free, as we never have enough people."  

Arnold Harolds
Resources Manager

What's next for this project?

The company is eager to delve into the possibilities created by MatchingCore®. They want to explore creating portfolios tailored to the right employees by utilizing more parameters for clients, competences and for opportunities. With the support of MatchingCore®, they intend to further optimize the resource planning for the entire Nordics office. 

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