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Always the Best Plan – by AI superpowers.

We help selected companies to work their Best Plan – always – with MatchingCore® the AI Born resource planning platform.

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MatchingCore® planning software

A powerful cloud platform that comes to your planning team's rescue, smoothly integrating into your IT infrastructure and harnessing its superpowers.

We have joined forces with planning teams in assurance, aircraft ground handling, healthcare and automotive repair.

Explore how you can reduce unnecessary travel times, and increase productivity and employee satisfaction with artificial intelligence.

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Founded in 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland, out of ETH Zurich. We have combined our passion for running with cutting-edge technology to build high-performance teams in companies.

Our Vision

Saving time and creating supercharged heroes. We reduce the waste of the scarcest resource on the planet – time – in a 100% climate-neutral way.

MatchingCore® is an artificial intelligence-powered cloud platform. It increases productivity and boosts the satisfaction of employees and clients while reducing costs.

"aspaara MatchingCore® has been productive and continuously improving over the last four years. It has improved our resource planning process according to multiple KPIs, saving us inter alia thousands of travel hours due to travel time optimization."

Cristian Manganiello, Partner PwC


Give your planning team superpowers

aspaara® MatchingCore® empowers your  planning team to achieve greatness, make better staffing decisions and maximise your organisation’s potential.