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Give your planning team superpowers

The aspaara® MatchingCore® is an intelligent optimization engine that optimizes resource allocation. It gives your planning team proposals for the best matches between your talent and work opportunities.
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What is aspaara® MatchingCore®?

aspaara® MatchingCore® is an Artificial Intelligence-powered resource planning Co-Pilot that significantly optimises processes for planners and operational leaders through automated decision-making, providing exceptional results.


MatchingCore® allocates your companies’ most valuable resource - your talents - to increase client and talent satisfaction using data you already have.


It truly has superpowers!

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Improved Productivity

Achieve more with your current talent pool. With our AI-based planning Co-Pilot, you can gain an equivalent of 15 additional  FTEs per 500 talents optimised.

Improve Profit Margins

Eliminate up to 6.8% of wrongly allocated labour and, thus, improve profitability and enhance strategic decision-making by gaining actionable business insights in real-time.

Talent Engagement

By using our mobile application, we directly collect and incorporate talent's preference data into the optimization process, greatly improving employee satisfaction through enhanced talent engagement.


Working with the Best



Integration with SAP

(incl. SAP S/4HANA)


Microsoft Azure

Avaibale on Microsoft Azure
(incl. Marketplace)



Integration with Retain

(on prem and cloud)


Microsoft Appsource

Availbale on Microsoft AppSource


Solera audatex

Integration with Solera Audatex



Integration with EC2

Conception, implementation and deployment of aspaara® MatchingCore® for PwC
"We process thousands of staffing decisions every year at PwC. Now, aspaara® MatchingCore® supports us, for example, in processing new-joiner portfolios properly. This relieves me and my team substantially.”

Claudia Höllenreiner, Senior Manager PwC

Reduce your carbon footprint

By analysing your talent’s travel time and commuting distance, our AI solution can suggest work opportunities to reduce travel time by up to 48%.

Automate tedious tasks

Eliminate time-consuming, tedious tasks around resource planning and free up your planning team's time by up to 90%.

Improve talent satisfaction

Build schedules based on their preferences, including clients, teams and future goals. With our solution, over 80% of your workforce is assigned preferred work opportunities.

How does MatchingCore® work?

aspaara® MatchingCore® analyses your company's planning data and provides comprehensive optimisation insights directly to your planning team. The impressive result: aspaara® MatchingCore® empowers your planning team to make better staffing decisions, anticipate upcoming challenges and intelligently plan how to face them.

aspaara® MatchingCore® is a powerful software-as-a-service cloud platform that will come to your planning team's rescue, smoothly integrating into your IT infrastructure and harnessing its superpowers.aspaara® MatchingCore® is an artificial intelligence optimisation solution with three core strengths: it evolves, adapts and works collaboratively with your existing planning processes. Its superpower capacity means that our robust platform completely removes the need for an on-premise solution needing frequent, extensive updates.

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