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aspaara MatchingCore® – AI-Copilot for Resource Planning for Automotive Repair Now Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide gain access to the only holistic AI-Copilot for Resource Planning in Automotive Repair Workshops– aspaara MatchingCore®.

Zurich, Switzerland, 11. April 2024 – Your Solution to Streamlined Automotive Repair and Customer Satisfaction

aspaara MatchingCore®, the revolutionary AI-Copilot for Resource Planning in the automotive repair industry, announces its launch in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. This introduction marks a transformative step in addressing the critical pain points of the sector: missed customer pick-up times, excessive idle periods, frequent vehicle standstills awaiting parts or paint, and mismanaged prioritization that leads to delays.

The automotive repair sector is notoriously unpredictable, with customer satisfaction hanging in the balance of efficient workshop management. MatchingCore®’s introduction to Azure's cloud services platform heralds a new era of optimized resource planning that promises to turn these challenges into a thing of the past.

Through intelligent, skill-based staffing algorithms, aspaara MatchingCore® equips workshops with the tools to meet promised pick-up times confidently. It minimizes idle time by aligning technician skills with job requirements, ensuring a productive flow of operations and avoiding costly downtimes. This innovative AI-copilot keeping vehicles on the move and drastically reducing standstills.

Moreover, aspaara MatchingCore® redefines task prioritization by leveraging objective data to predict future capacity and make informed decisions. This foresight ensures that every vehicle is serviced in the most time-efficient manner, significantly reducing the likelihood of late deliveries.

"We understand the frustration of missed deadlines and the domino effect it has on customer trust and business efficiency," says Dr. Alexander Grimm, aspaara Co-founder and CEO. "MatchingCore® harnesses the power of AI to provide an 'objective truth' about future capacity, enabling workshops to make promises they can keep. By optimizing each aspect of the service cycle, we not only improve workshop productivity but also enhance overall customer experience."

With its deployment on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, aspaara MatchingCore® is set to redefine resource planning for automotive repair shops, empowering them to embrace the future with AI-powered confidence and reliability.

Contact Details

Dr. Alexander Grimm

+41 76 448 20 91


About aspaara


aspaara AG, a leader in SaaS and AI innovation based in Switzerland, is committed to transforming work-life across the globe. Our cloud-based solution for the automotive repair sector paves the way for resource planning optimization, seamless scheduling, and active talent engagement. We tackle industry-specific challenges head-on, elevating businesses to new productivity heights, minimizing costs, and fostering a skilled and satisfied workforce. Embrace the future with aspaara, where AI-driven solutions lead to sustainable business success.


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