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Will resource planning with AI work for me?

Discover the power of AI-driven resource optimization in your talent planning with the Talent Planning Assessment® (TPA). Get a multi dimensional analysis of your optimisation potential. Unite efficiency with empathy and witness remarkable results in resource planning like never before.
Die Analyse der Zahlen
See the results AI optimized planning will bring

In this Talent Planning Assessment (TPA), we identify possible fields of application for AI-based planning processes within your organisation. We provide you a comprehensive overview about the exploration, optimisation potential as well as the necessary requirements for its realisation based on a systematic and multi dimensional analysis with our AI engine.

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You select an optimization profile based on your individual goals.

  • Increasing Utilization
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Talent Preferences Adherance
  • Engagment Margin Improvements 
  • Operational Costs Reduction
  • Travel Time Reduciton
  • etc.
Over 200 attributes

We only need data that you already have and you can include over 200 different talent and work opportunity attributes in order to create the best schedule for your organisation. Want to understand more about our technology? Contact us for more details.

What do you want to improve?

Optimise proposals, balance workload and improve use of talent. with aspaara MatchingCore

Learn how to maximise your organisation’s potential

Want to see what planning with AI can do for you? Register for the Talent Planning Assessment (TPA) and a representative from aspaara will contact you with the details and timeline.

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