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Webinar 25th of June 2024:
How can you utilise AI-Copilots in Engagement Planning?

Transforming Talent Engagement: How can you utilise AI-Copilots in Engagement Planning in Audit and Assurance?

Are you in a leading position in an audit company seeking to drive talent engagement, foster talent satisfaction, and boost financial performance?

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will unveil the next-generation resource planning solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We understand the challenges that audit companies, in particular, in the Audit & Assurance Line of Service face in optimizing resource allocation while ensuring talent satisfaction and meeting financial objectives.

This webinar is tailored to provide you with actionable insights and practical solutions to address these pain points head-on. 

Key Topics Covered: 

  • How do modern Audit firms engage with their talents while balancing contrasting company goals?​

    • Create an environment where your team feels valued and motivated to drive results. 

  • How does an AI-Copilot for engagement planning works?

    • Learn how the AI finds "warm summits" and avoids "cold valleys" and what the three most common fallacies in engagement planning are.

  • Specific use-cases for an AI-Copilot for engagement planning at an Audit and Assurance LoS.

    • Witness how AI simplifies engagement planning by empowering talents, improving productivity, and enhancing profit margins.

  • Demo of how to integrate an AI-Copilot easily into your planning operations and how to use the results?

    • During the webinar, our experts will provide a firsthand demonstration of AI-Copilot capabilities and its applications.

  • How to assess the potential in your organisation?

    • By gaining real-time actionable business insights, you can enhance strategic decision-making and improve profitability.

Discover how our AI-based planning Copilot can help you achieve more with your existing talent pool.

See for yourself how AI can revolutionize your talent engagment paired with customized optimization strategies. 

We will only accept a limited number of participants to foster in-depth discussions: Register now and secure your spot for this interactive webinar.

Together, let's pave the way to a more productive, profitable, and engaged future by leveraging AI in Audit and Assurance.

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