Strategic Ground Handling

The GroundCloud optimisation engine helps you with the latest technology in planning your ground handling operations.
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Ramp Handling

 Turnaround times are always short and airplanes are rarely at the apron at the scheduled time.Your GroundCloud suite makes planning of ramp handling operations an easy task.

Baggage Transport

 Baggage transport over the long distances at airports is complicated.Your groundcloud suite makes the planning of baggage transport an easy task.

Landside Operations

 Check-in desks and departure gates can't always stick to strict schedules – especially during vacation time. GroundCloud predicts high-demand times.

Aircraft Cleaning

 Turnaround times are always short and airplanes are rarely at the apron at the scheduled time. Your GroundCloud suite makes planning of aircraft cleaning operations an easy task.

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What is the aspaara® GroundCloud®?

GroundCloud's comprehensive data analysis makes precise demand forecasts of your daily operations and the automated shift planning covers demand predictions accurately. Therefore, the right people are in the right place at the right time for your clients' flights!

Sebastian Wolf, Head of Operations
Airline Assistance Switzerland AG Zurich Airport
«Only 4% of all flights are in time, all others are either too early or too late – mixing up our static planning entirely. Groundcloud® makes accurate demand forecasts utilizing a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand became an easy job.»

Strategic Suite for your planning team

 Situations change constantly: Airlines swapping flight plans, new customers asking for contracting agreements, etc. We know that analysing frequently transforming business environments is quite challenging. Groundcloud's in-depth analysis uncovers hidden synergies in your operations.

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