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Ground handling

Built to be faster than the rate of change

Our aspaara® MatchingCore® algorithm effortlessly analyses over 100 million possibilities per hour, so you can achieve operational excellence and boost the satisfaction of your talents and passengers while reducing costs.
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Ramp handling

 Not having the right staff in the right place means your flights can't take off on time. aspaara® MatchingCore® automates the planning of ramp handling operations and ensures the right talent is always scheduled.

Baggage transport

 Planning baggage transport over long distances is complicated. aspaara® MatchingCore® makes the movement of airport baggage a simple task.

Landside operations

 Check-in desks and departure gates can't always stick to strict schedules – especially during holiday season. aspaara® MatchingCore® predicts high-demand times, allowing staffing levels to be adjusted accordingly.

Aircraft cleaning

 Flight turnaround times are short and planes aren't always at the apron at the scheduled time. aspaara® MatchingCore® makes planning the preparation of planes easy.

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Accuracy and flexibility in your ground handling operations

MatchingCore's in-depth data analysis makes precise demand forecasts of your daily operations, and the automated shift allocation accurately meets your required service levels. You can trust that the right talent is in the right place at the right time for your passengers.

Demand forecasting
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Dynamic planning

Quickly identify over- and under-coverage, and spot misalignments early.
Our intelligent planning algorithm suggests an alternative plan, covering all work opportunities within seconds.

Sebastian Wolf, Head of Operations
Airline Assistance Switzerland AG Zurich Airport
«Only 4% of all flights are on time, all others are either too early or too late – mixing up our static planning entirely. MatchingCore® makes accurate demand forecasts utilizing a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand became an easy job.»

A strategic suite for your planning team

 Airport situations are in constant flux: airlines swapping flight plans, new customers asking for contracting agreements, etc. We know that analysing dynamic business environments is challenging. MatchingCore's in-depth analysis uncovers hidden synergies, transforming your operations.

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