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Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG Develops Algorithm for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)!

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) want to start of a new era: An algorithm shall optimize their train schedules. The aim: satisfied travellers and an optimally utilized rail network. SBB has launched an international competition for fostering their internal developments. About 400 international IT-Expert teams participated. Swiss entrepreneurs achieved the second place with their startup Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG.

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Aspaara Groundcloud

Aspaara makes accurate demand forecasts by utilising a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand becomes an easy job for aircraft ground handling companies.

Aspaara DataAnalytics

Better understanding of users, markets and exposure to financial risks. Aspaara uncovers hidden potential in complex online and offline environments.

Aspaara MatchingCore

Staffing is a rather complex business because of a variety of constraints. Aspaara's matching engine satisfies customized scheduling criteria while adapting to your very specific situations.

Aspaara Workshop

We might have a solution for your allocation challenges! Let us find out together in our workshop on successful implementation of digital optimization strategies. This workshop with a dedicated team of experts is tailored to your specific challenges in workforce allocation.

«Only 4% of all flights are in time, all others are either too early or too late – mixing up our static planning entirely. Aspaara makes accurate demand forecasts utilizing a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand became an easy job.»

Sebastian Wolf, Head of Operations
Airline Assistance Switzerland AG Zurich Airport

of all companies would like to start more innovative projects — but they cannot, because qualified employees are missing.

Innovationsreport des Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertags (DIHK)

of all companies see their business at risk due to the lack in qualified employees.

Innovationsreport des Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertags (DIHK)

of senior executives want to put data at the center of their decision making.

EY, Becoming an analytics-driven organization to create value, 2015