Algorithmic Solutions for Intelligent Planning

Artificial Intelligence for Aircraft Ground Handling and Professional Services

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Aspaara stattet COVID-19 Impfzentren mit intelligenter Personalplanungssoftware aus

Professional Services:
Aspaara® MatchingCore®

Upgrade your planning team with Artificial Intelligence. Increase productivity, reduce travel costs and increase employee satisfaction. Staffing is a rather complex business because of a variety of constraints. Aspaara's MatchingCore® satisfies customized scheduling criteria while adapting to your very specific situations.

« The Aspaara MatchingCore® has been productive and continuously improving over the last four years. It has improved our resource planning process according to multiple KPIs, saving us inter alia thousands of travel hours due to travel time optimization. »

Cristian Manganiello, Partner

Aircraft Ground Handling:
Aspaara® GroundCloud®

Aspaara® GroundCloud® uncovers a new way in planning aircraft ground handling operations: High accuracy in demand predictions reduces the number of misplannings and satisfies the requirements of customer airlines, especially for short-haul flights with strict turnaround times. Aspaara® GroundCloud® computes accurate demand forecasts, which you can easily cover with appropriate shift plans – fully automated.

« Only 4% of all flights are in time, all others are either too early or too late – mixing up our static planning entirely. Aspaara GroundCloud® makes accurate demand forecasts utilizing a variety of data sources. Matching supply with demand became an easy job. »

Sebastian Wolf, COO
Airline Assistance Switzerland AG, Zurich Airport

Exploration Workshop

We might have a solution for your planning challenges! Let us find out together in our one day exploration workshop. Register for our exploration workshop on Resource Planning with Artificial Intelligence.


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Innovationsreport des Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertags (DIHK)

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